Current Staff

NVI, Inc.'s current staff includes several PhDs, MSs, BAs and BSs in physics, astronomy, mathematics, geodesy, geophysics, and computer sciences. NVI's senior personnel have significant experience in the management of many high level scientific and technical projects. Our personnel's wide range of capabilities includes the expertise to maintain VLBI field systems and perform data processing, analysis of GPS (Global Positioning System) data, laser altimetry and and ice-penetrating radar data analysis, and the development of software tools to facilitate the analysis and representation of various kinds scientific data, as well as software testing and integration.

A very generous benefits package and unique professional challenges have enabled NVI, Inc. to recruit extremely capable professionals in a very competitive market. Our average turnover is less than half that of other companies in our market sector.

Because of our small size and high-level of technical expertise we can provide a quick and flexible response to our customers. We offer an efficient management structure with low overhead, streamlined project management and quality control.